Team Deathmatch Guild Task

Is it possible for the TDM Guild Task to also be changed to include Competitive as progress towards completion?

It seems a bit wonky that you have to hop out of comp for this even though it’s the same exact mode.



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Finally someone brings this up!

I was thinking the same thing, I was always able to get 100% guild contributions by playing PVP before in Unranked, but now I don’t get any because it’s not counted in Ranked sadly.

I wish they would change this and make it count the same way for both… it’s the only fun way to do Guild contribution in my opinion!

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Really? Competitive kills doesnt count? oof

Yes, and I am unsure if this is intentional or not working correctly!

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+1. it feels very much like an oversight as the Una PVP Weekly can be done with both unranked and competitive mode but not this.


Hey guys,

I was about to make a post about this, is sad that you have to normal pvp only so you can make the guild quest. Would be nice to be able to do TDM guild quest with pvp, because always is more fun to play ranked and serious than the normal one.

How can we get to Amazon games or Smilegate to read this?

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I’m assuming this is the best course to get it seen and just have a bunch of people with the same viewpoint on it

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