Team Elimination Spot Priority

In Team Elimination, when two players fight for a spot to go 1st,2nd,3rd etc, highest MMR gets the spot.

So is MMR–> DIVISION: grade, tier, limit

Or is MMR–> Rank: bronze, silver, gold, plat etc.

Usually limit 5 4 3 2 1 players are plat

But example is: I’m 3rd Limit, a player below me being 4th or 5th limit / tier / grade player wants a spot that I want. I should get the spot, I usuallly dont.

For that example: I, for sure, have higher mmr RANK AND DIVISION then tier/grade players but I lose the spot.

I understand if I fight for a spot with maybe a 4th or 5th limit plat player with higher HIDDEN RATING than me is fine, but there isnt any clarification if his higher MMR based on rating, based on DIVISION, or is it just random.