Team imbalance in ranked play - Support vs. none

If you cant put a support on both teams then don’t launch the round. Its absurd to fight in a round where one team has a paladin. It makes for a very dissatisfying experience.

fix it

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its more crappy if u get matched as bard with 2 other bards. 1 supp in enemy team is not that problem at all. u just need more brain in that fight.

ever played against 2 sorcs and a deathblade? cant even move and die in stunlock lmao. Weekly pvp quest is a pain in the a**

yo they should try to make groups like 1supp,1range,1melee. class stacking is bs

Does anyone know if it will become available to queue in a party for rank pvp at some point?

Is this available on RU or KR servers?