Tease the next class pretty please

I want to make sure I don’t use the pass if the next class is a Scouter (machinist). Please give us a tease or enough information so that we can make a decision we won’t regret :slight_smile:

I really want to make an artillerist if the next class is a reaper, especially if we are getting the summer weapon skins. @Roxx Pretty please :face_holding_back_tears:

wait for the roadmap lol

Roxx literally said a few days ago, the roadmap will be released after Arcana, im sure you can wait a little longer after Arcana for that information xD

raised a few alts to 1415 but started hoarding mats in case next release is scouter. The moment they announce the class will determine what happens with those mats since my main is clown ready