Tell us the truth please


We need real answers because the corrent state of the game is getting out of your hands…

Are u inspired by Don Quijote? All you do (atleast all we can see) is windmill fight against bots. 0 big changes, 0 serious consequence for RMT. You just sometimes ban some bots, giving them like 1-2 more work hour each week. Even if you could ban all of them in every single day (which is not the case), they stockpiled enought gold for like 1-2 month. So the question is: Why not punish RMT users instead of bots? Someone buys 100-500k gold from 3rd party site, and all they got is 3 day ban? And after that they can enjoy it. If you want to achieve victory against bots, you have to punish RMT users, like RU does. Take away every single gold coin from them, and push them to debt.
Have you started or can you start some legal action against these third party websites?

Another topic: Stronghold honing buff.
Every region got the 1460 honing research when Vykas arrived. Why we cant get it? As a F2P, no RMT user its very dissapointing. We all waited for that, because it seemed logical to get that, and it makes even bigger gap between legit players and RMT users. They dont care about this honing buff, because they can buy almost everything. All we got is 1 more month of Yoho simulator, with legendary drops, while others can farm Deska for relics. This way the economy of the game will be this garbage. We dont ask the serverwide honing buff, we just want to progress with the game as intended originaly.
The game could be more enjoyable and the playerbase will be much much happier if you could change your mind and decide to give us with the June update.

bro is looking for the truth on the internet


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I hope you find the answers you’re looking for.

You’ll get corpa answers because that’s all they’re allowed to give. Assuming you get any answer at all. No shade at the CM’s but they are glorified HR coordinators. And we’re the employees complaining about management. They listen, but at the end of the day they work for the company, not the employee. Keep that in mind