Tell us why you made the known DeadZone worse

SG/AGS, Why did you make the known DeadZone significantly worse in all the ways you did?

Sure, its nice to hear you speak abt changes going forward.

But i’d like to know: What is the reasoning behind those choices that you made which got us to the problem we’re all facing now?

Why did you increase ilvl req for certain Guardians?
Why did you decrease the total # of sources for upgrade materials?


I think anyone capable of the most basic critical thinking already knows: it was to push as many people as possible into whaledom while the game is still fresh and fun. The funny part is that many people are gullible enough to believe the artificial leveling wall was an unforeseen error because SG promised to give them some skins. These sort of people are how snake oil salesmen and corrupt politicians stay in business. They’re treating the playerbase like dumb wallets and getting away with it unscathed. Respect.





SG/AGS didnt make the deadzone worse, a lot of veteran KR players already stated that the game was like that in older versions. kr version is boosted cause its a catch up mechanic for new players, exactly like blizzard did when their 3rd expansion came out. i’d rather have the T3 removed from the than getting boosted chance.

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to have 100% of honing chance I need to fail (100%-10%)/1,5% = 60 times. In case of crystals, I need 200*60=12000 crystals. I gain app 400 crystals a day from chaos dungeons. So, I need 12000/40=30, or a month to guaranteed increase the item level for 5 points. I have 6 items on my champ. so 6 months.

Okay I also have weeklies reset, okay, lets just divide 6 month by 3 = 2 month for +5 to gs for the most unlucky chad. I need to travel from 1340 to 1370, so +30 gs, or 6 times 5, or 6 times 2 months. So, a year :smiley:


You have a shop. First step (like a little dosage of p2w) its Mary shop. After you bought everything from it (also bought some crystals too), you have the auctionhouse left. And you need gold.

How to obtain gold asap?
To pay real money.

Quite an easy story of p2w.


They did make it worse though. They moved the hardmode abyssal dungeons to 1370 from 1355, and the same is true for nightfox yoho. Also, we still don’t have PvP rewards, challenge guardians, or abyssal trials like KR did from the start. We’re missing many, many resources.


the only resource the LA is missing is our money xd

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even if the gear requirement was lower good players would not pick you up until you got all your talent points, correct engraving, completed journal&islands. you would queue up with a shitty group and leave after dying on the 1st try cause nobody want to learn the bosses mechanics. then come back on the forum making new post whining about how theses bosses/raid are too hard, like every shitty players who never played grindy k-mmo before does. if you dont like the game and it makes your life miserable, quit, nobody will ask you to stay or miss you.

I understand people’s frustration, but the math you show is full of bs.



tl;dr you can’t do basic math, stop pretending you know enough to talk about the subject of when things are p2w


Math aside, it is true that some content was pushed up in item level, while sources of honing materials that were present in the korean version before argos was released are not available to us, thus effectively making the grind longer and less varied in content. I can see the downsides to this, but not really an upside.

To weed out the weak! Now if you feel like you are one of the weak ones quit! No one will miss you!