[Tempest/Umbrage] LF 1 Support for Valtan Hard-mode NA WEST

~ UMBRAGE / Tempest guild alliance

LF 2 Support for a pre-made guild Valtan Hard group
our team consist of :

  • Artillerist (DPS)
  • Paladin (DPS)
  • Shadowhunter (DPS)
  • TBD
  • Gunlancer (DPS)
  • Gunslinger (DPS)
  • Sorceress (DPS)
  • Bard (Support)

we are dedicated towards our goal and we have healthy progression mindset, some of our members are mythic raiders or FF Raiders

landkart1#5540 ← for more info about date and time
we usually raid around 21:00 GMT +8 (Singaporean / Indonesian / Malaysian / Australian Time)

Requirement :

  • 1445 ilvl
  • 3x engravings are find honestly

*Update we only need 1 support now either paladin or bard is fine