Tens of thousands of scouter mains are still waiting? Are we just left ignored?

thank you. i can only pray u guys plan on releasing scouter next. i have 3 1415 alts. i am not going higher without my main. i plan on making at least 3 scouters.


You have good points, but that has nothing to do with what I said.

He made a dramatic post like theres a huge group waiting to “main” scouter. The numbers from previous poll shows scouter was behind at least destroyer and glaivier. I want to play scouter too and think they should release 2 classes per month and some support when the next classes come out. But posts like this never make them release roadmaps sooner.

Scouter behind destroyer? Can you show me?


This could all be solved by adding the rest of the classes in one patch instead of using classes for a player retention plan and setting people back months once they get them.

where are these polls?


Guess I was thinking the wrong poll, my bad.

But I found the last time OP cried about scouter.

And this poll with the artist people voting:

That poll has destroyer at the absolute lowest and is also minuscule

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As much as I want Artist to be released, this isn’t entirely true at all…
Just to defend developers especially because I had experience in translations/encoding work from a different language environment to another (though not in the game industry but it’s comparable to AGS)…
There is a lot of work here and it is “NOT just as simple as copy and paste”… please devs have had life too… I would expect they need 2-3 weeks just for one class… (2 weeks is super tight and highly probable there is overtime work)
All classes at once seem like a huge waiting time and it will be better to just release them one by one per month
(Destroyer releasing might have been they already started the work cuz it was supposed to be the 1st one and was put on hold because of the outcry and developed Glavier 1st… then continued the unfinished work which is Destroyer, it’s not good to delay a work that’s already been started)

But yeah Artist next patch please :sweat_smile:

wait, destroyer is unfinished?

They were saying destroyer was supposed to be first, when they mentioned before that older classes were coming first.

Now nobody knows the order

I was saying the likely scenario Destroyer was released just after Glavier is that it was supposed to be the 1st one and dev work was already started, Before they changed it to April - Glavier, May - Destroyer due to the outcry… the original plan was April - Destroyer, May - Arcana
Before the outcry, work has already been started for releasing Destroyer then was put on hold for Glavier… and it isn’t good to put onhold work for a long time so it makes sense Destroyer which was supposedly the 1st to be the next after the Glavier “1st prio insert”

  • Just a likely scenario that 1st came to my mind when they announced Destroyer for May as a dev (not gaming though) that works on translations/migrations

Well, if scouter is not next month then i’m just gonna stop. Have gotten a taste of valtan, that’s enough for now…

The game is stuttering real hard too, after the update on saturday…

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We can only hope

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Yh, summer roadmap is what in less than week? should be soooo interesting

u and the bots? xD the vast majority awaits the Arcana :stuck_out_tongue:

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Arcana is coming but every poll there has been of missing classes, scouter always came on top and if i recall arcana was lower half :frowning: Not that it meant she shouldnt come!


idk bro, they haven’t said anything =(

Tfw you wanted to play summoner but now are stuck in limbo without any notice when she returns…
My “main” is now 1445 and I wish I could park there and wait for summoner to pass him by. Sadly you get way less out of the game if you can’t keep up with the releases so I gotta push him further, At least when biakiss comes out.

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most popular, just like Lancemaster was :slight_smile:

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billions of reaper mains are still waiting