🇬🇧 Thaemine - Exalted Alliance

Region: Thaemine - EU Central :flag_eu:
Guild Name:** Exalted Alliance:sparkles:
Guild Level: 15 - 16 :joystick:
Language: English (international) :flag_gb:
Min Ilev > 1400+
Focus: PvX, Community :eyes:

:white_check_mark: Who are we?

We are the most diverse semi-hardcore Guild around our server atm. We don’t look where you from, what’s your gaming experience or what is your interest in life as long we can rely on each other to compete and complete the content as we progress. :love_you_gesture_tone3:

:white_check_mark: What do we run atm?

Vykas (NM+HM) :timer:Thursday 18:00 SVT
Argos P3 + Argos Bus + Valtan (Nm + HM) :timer:Friday 18:00 SVT
GvG 16/20 roster :timer:Sunday 19:30-21:30 SVT

:page_with_curl: We run new polls each month.

PvP - This aspect is still pretty casual with us at the moment, but it will be required for GvG as we progress.

:white_check_mark: Who we’re looking for?

Looking for Support Classes mainly, but everyone is considered for the moment!!

*We are mainly looking for active and dedicated people to stick around for long-term progress. We don’t demand hardcore players but engaging and curious people about the content/raiding/PVP and all aspects of the game. Communication and community are KEY for us! :clap_tone3:

:white_check_mark: What do we expect from you?

Respect & communication > NO TOXIC BEHAVIOUR ALLOWED :warning:

Activity > * More than 3 days AFK (with no notice/reason) = removal.* :red_circle:

Guild Contribution Achievement > *You must try to reach the current min weekly contribution *[500] ** this is an easy achievement to get with current quests ongoing such as Tickets+ Gienahs Coins Chest +GvG :medal:

:white_check_mark: Interested?

*If you are still here and reading this, you are a true Mokoko Hunter, and I thank you :clap_tone3: If you are interested and want to join/more info, please get in contact with the GM [Aceloth#3419] or join our discord channel and say hello in the Tavern! *

Consider the actual dates and times for the events.

See you, heroes, in Arkesia!!!Lailai! :boom: :whale: