Thank you AGS and goodbye

Before anything ill let you guys know i quit a few days ago. I just wanted to say thank you AGS, you helped me quit my LoL addiction when this game released. And now by ruining this game youve made me quit lost ark aswell. Now i dont feel invested to any game in general. Dont get me wrong, i work in game development but i think ill just stick to casual games in general and god will i stay away from any AGS related game or company in the future. Its been a blast watching the forums, you can see this game crash and burn just like new world, this company is breaking records for killing games like no other lol. I saw a post yesterday of a bot company actually thanking AGS in the lost ark forums for making them millions with RMT, i think i just might hang out in forums to see more doodoo like that, its amusing really. But well that post motivated me to thank them aswell for being a baddie company, so thanks :slight_smile:

Edited the bad words cause apparently this post is offensive lol


Only in NA do we show how stupid we can really be publicly


please don’t, we don’t need more people like you hanging around after leaving like you want some sort of attention

send us your gold though, thanks

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Bro leave it alone lol. You make like 3 I’m quiting posts a day. Just quit and be gone with you… damn.

Stop attention seeking and get a real life friend.