Thank you AGS and SG - Valtan HM on release

I think I speak for the majority of the player base when I say thank you for the amazing patch notes!

Thank you for releasing Valtan Hard Mode with the release of Valtan. I am glad to see that most of the NA/EU community is stepping away from the toxic “If I can’t have it no one can!” attitude.
I am so happy to see AGS and SG recognize there is a lot of players that have worked really hard to be ready for Valtan Hard Mode and it feels good to be noticed by AGS and SG and given content for us to do (and content for the more casual players to look forwards to).

This is the best way to release the raid since those who are more hard core, maybe exp from RU or KR, can have more challenging content for their ilvl. I am sure the majority of the more casual player base are extremely excited for Valtan NM and will be looking forward to when they reach 1445 to do the more challenging version.

I hope we can expect the same for future raid releases!

Wrapping up - thank you SG and AGS!


I happened to notice no one replied to this post. I guess it was just too positive. I am in complete agreement. I’m happy hard valtan is coming and it wasn’t delayed again. If people aren’t ready on day 1, the content will still be there when they get there. I’m also happy to see the AGS finally doing something about the bots. The increased load times and server queues are sure to dampen their spirits.