Thank you @AGS and @Smilegate

I’d like to take the time while waiting in the queue to thank you for bringing Lost Ark to Europe and humbly thank Smilegate for developing such a fantastic game.

From the perspective of a 40y old MMO nerd who played almost every MMO since the late 1990s, it’s been a while since I experienced so much fun in an MMO. Thank you!
Right now, my character is exploring Rohendel at a 500ish gear score. I have experienced 5 well-designed continents featuring solid storytelling and tons of things to explore. I spent a few hours developing my stronghold and got lost at sea travelling from island to island and was amused by pandas, fairies, shooting stars, and the goddam seagulls. :smiley: I’m already excited about what comes next.

Thanks and Hugs,