Thank you AGS for Fixing the AH STAT

Auction house was fixed swiftly with a 30 min fix, then a later emergency maintenance was performed to fix critical issues and ensure everything is running perfectly.

I appreciate the team’s HARD work.

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Sorry is this sarcasm? The maint did absolutely nothing. AH is still as broken as ever on NA.


When was the last time you logged in and used it?

the bots came right back to keep pumping FAKE gems into the market to generate gold for the RMTers

When a doctor medicates you to make you listless, and then he treats you well, you really should thank him.

a minute ago lols

NAE AH is working fine.

idk about west though

still the same, nothing is fixed on NA West


This is fakke, im on nA east and it works properly.

At least show the clock on that pic, that could be a pic of yesterday.

Can confirm NAW AH is broken again.
Who would have guessed the region with the most bots will still have the same issue :crazy_face:

NAW still broken lmao.

I literally just screenshot this as we speak …

How am i supposed to know lmao? you can be lying

why would i bother lying about it … i gain nothing from it

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You do realize that AH worked only because bots didn’t log back? Literally within an hour or two there’s 100k+ more players, which are bots.

I’m flaggin’ OP post as spam/false information, lol!

Ikr, what thats how ppl on this forums work bro, they lie and troll every day

Still working on NA east tho

NAW is working, a bit busted but not as bad.

No difference on NAW.