Thank you AGS for fixing the DCs ahead of Thanksgiving holiday!

I didn’t have any problem myself but now my friends on EUC that I regularly play with are not disconnecting since last night’s update. Problem seems fixed in our region excluding Asta.

Happy thanksgiving!

well servers are not overloasded at the moment thanks to holliday give it a day it will be back to disconecting

i wish that were true, my server EUC - Asta has massive long loadingscreens and even dcs into complete game closings :slight_smile: makes fun to play…


ive seen many dcs last night when my guild was doing some raids, a few today too.

yep missed today 2 times ghost ship cuz of this and the 3rd time is lost the entrance, its stupid, but im mean im 4k hrs into EU gametime and im at the point were i dont care anymore. if i notice something fishy i insta leave and waste my time in overwatch 2 or do w/e aint worth.

they are though, we are at a whooping 250k CCU and it’s not the weekend yet!
massive patch, massive deals, massive success!

Use me as your DISLIKE BUTTON.


well happy thanksgiving all and being that amazon cant get there shit together on a simple thing lol someone said that amazons biggest times for selling is tomorrow cant compensate us correctly for their lack of care the numbers of people that have decided to not order from amazon is growing so their expected sales on black friday has dropped and i officiallyt am part of the no cyber monday list someones not getting a bonus this year

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stopped cashing also a couple month ago, you want money then show that you work for it :slight_smile: ^^
maybe also the reason why alot of people get switched for an Machine xD cuz the machine does the job better.

I no longer have any DC problems on EUC, however, the auction house is broken.


the AG amateur team is not able to fix this, thats the truth.