Thank you AGS for locking the Black Fur Cape Skin behind a $100 Bundle

Whats got you so upset? Take a breath.

Meanwhile RU is selling them for 5$ xD

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Sounds about right :c

How is that not a deal ??
1600blue crystal +160pheons =8000 RC (roughly)
2700RC(card packs)
limited skin+weap+mount (5700)
battle items 540 RC
2200RC(fusion leaps materials)
una task (1400).
:8000+2700+5700+540+2200+1400=18560 Royal crystal .
I am talking about solely about value perfective .

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can buy everything multiple times, except the good pack for 10€ Kappa

I did the math in another post and yeah it’s not awful value

But this only REALLY counts if you were planning on buying these things with $$$ instead of gold in the first place. It’s kinda a hard thing to evaluate but as someone who spends money on the card packs already this is kinda a slam dunk for me.

Like if you would never buy Blue Crystals and Pheons and the other stuff with $$$ then technically the Value of everything is 0.

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I still think the best part is they dont even know which outfit is which. Based on their official reaper release, legit they showcased the skins in the upcoming bundles as “Arkesia’s Fidelity + Will” :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


They would increase the price of the other bundles than. There would be no difference between getting the $10 pack and something else, because they would just raise the prices of the bundles they include it in.

forgot the pricing for other skin+wallpaper combo through in game shop vs the ones without wallpaper n just skins

You are correct. They are available permanently in the RU shop for 849 RC for all of them, white/black fur/no fur. That’s about $14.


whos still spending money on this game?


9700 isnt even close to 100 dolars, 100 dolars gives 12000 crystals, is more like 81 dolars, still you can always buy it with gold, like most will do.

I will just say as someone who swipes, I will buy almost all the bundles, even without skins the bundles are worth given their gold value in the RC Gold exchange. Unless you are one of those who does not use battle item and pots, or g2g enjoyer then ignore what I say.

I am so close to LOS 30 any cardpacks I’d buy instantly.

Think all the honing mats are roster bound? This would be a great help for my summoner!

Yeah they are most likely, helps with my Brel preparation.

And that is what most want, but for 300k gold will be quite hard, even for 100k gold it’s quite hard to buy.

Yes, the players will sell at a high price, the average may become around 150k but a lot will try to sell for a higher price.
The one we have right now without cape is 53k in NA East, it was 42k before and i think it was a “decent” price (good price would be 35~40k), 50k is kinda ok but for f2p that is still heavy. Now i fear the prices of cape version.

I can sell u my trash, u can have bit Rng there… wanna buy?

More army style skins wtf?

Are they trying to copy the North Korean Army?

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Also most wallpapers are sold with bundles usually (Halloween wallpaper, summer wallpaper were all the same).

Idk why there is hate on the packs.

There is a price range for all kinds of paying customers. The 10 euro one is an amazing deal, how is it bad?.

Also for the people who want something more prestigious you can go for the 100 one, and it still is a good deal if you add separately each and every one of the items of the bundle.

I kinda wish they were a bit more transparent about the outfit with the fur, because it feels kinda annoying that its only available behind the big pack and they didn’t really say much about it last week, but its a f2p game, those type of marketing moves are fairly common.