Thank you AGS for

Man, there is so much to thank AGS for today:

  • Fixing the EAC swiftly
  • Fixing Karta server
  • Brelshaza trailer
  • Staying on course with the release schedule
  • Fixing the region is closed for many players
  • Sending a team to KR to fix the DC issues
  • Hiring a new CM ShieldMaiden :blue_heart:

  • EAC isn’t fixed
  • Bots are running amuk
  • Disconnects are rampant
  • Communication is bad (none on weekends)

they don’t get a thank you until the game we are paying them to play works properly, thanking them for doing a bad job doing the bare minimum is cringe.


EAC is pain in the ass… AGS should reconsider not to use EAC


If AGS didn’t throw their heavy weight around Epic Games, that thing wouldn’t have been fixed that quickly.

it says we here

Apex legend has the issues u have to restart PC just to closed the running exe

Yeah the OP is dreaming

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Hahah, you dont fool us with your second account Roxx!


EAC must be removed. Its not preventing cheating of any kind and its wreaking havoc on my PC.

There are many things to thank AGS for, but there is also a time and place for everything. Right now, with all the mistakes they’re making and issues plaguing the game they’re publishing, it’s simply not the time to be thanking them, but the time to provide feedback so they can fix these issues asap.

EAC should also be replaced as more than half the d/c issues since launch are attributed to it’s usage…

They don’t even want to fix a bug that’s been here since the beginning of the game. Do you think they will change their anti cheat system? xD

That is only part of the forest fire that was put out. There are still entire other areas to put out.

your joking, right? EAC and disconnect is NOT fixed by a country mile

This seems like yet another shill thread

thanks AGS for a fat load of sweet fa


bro I don’t have the energy or time to run a second forum account


Not really sure if this is a troll or serious post.

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My suspicion is on Jeff Bezo tbh. I’ve got my :eye: on you Jeff Bezos.

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I could only imagine you can barely stand to put up with us on a single account :rofl:

I mean, imagine logging in to hundreds of pings, sometimes 10 times in the same topic. I love how people are forgetting there are other CMs or mods, and ping only Roxx

LMAOOO fixing eac??