Thank you amazon and smile gate

Thank you for bringing this too the west you guys did a amazing job i have not had this much fun in a game since the days of og tbc wow

amazing content
amazing story
amazing devs
amazing cutscenes

combat makes me creamy and dreamy
people may be yelling about delay and small server issues but honestly this has been a enjoyable experience keep up the great work guys <3 <3 <3


Wanna chime in on this one. Yeah, launch day is something else. But for the last 3 days I’ve had some of the best MMO gaming experiences.

No serious bugs, no lag, no server issues, no issues at all. Just smooth sailing in a game thats fun to explore. Community seems nice, too. Haven’t had that feeling since the launch of W… you know who.

So: Kudos to the team. Great work!


I was going to make an appreciation post as well, but do not want to spam more non game related feedback.

However my appreciation extends to the CM’s or PR reps if CM is not the right title. Some people turn to hate, blame and accusations as soon as anything goes wrong in an mmo (or really any game for that matter) I cant speak for everyone of course, but I would assume the vast majority of people want Lost Ark to prosper. Unfortunately, as im sure you know very well, the majority of people coming to the forums are angry and coming under a negative pretense. When already angry, it is easier for some people to lash out at the only group of people you know are going to read your comment. So on behalf of that part of the community I would like to apologize. You guys are doing a fantastic job at mitigating frustrations while keeping cool head, and still answering questions to the best of your ability. Thank you.