Thank you, Amazon and Smilegate!

I am not normally one to venture into forums because I know how volatile they can be, especially within the MMO genre. However, I thought it would be worth the risk to thank everyone who has made this game’s western release possible. I know the community has been remarkably negative when referencing either the dev team or publishers, but I’d like to say that every employee that has worked on this game has my heartfelt gratitude.

For quite some time, there have been very few MMO’s that have excited myself and many others, but Lost Ark has been on my list for almost five years at this point and I have been more than impressed in my time playing on Korean, Russian, and now NA/EU servers.

You have done an amazing job thus far in allowing the player base to enjoy a game as we are all becoming accustomed to a new world with the pandemic now under more control. Many of us have been waiting for years for this game and your team has made that possible.

There is always room for improvement, and players’ words will always be a bit sharper than they should be, but please continue to take your time and don’t overwork yourselves. We will all still be here anxiously awaiting another update from your team and we will always be grateful.

Keep up the amazing work, wash your hands, and allow yourselves the time and space to enjoy the ride with us. Much love from some random Sorceress! :purple_heart: