Thank you, Amazon, for bringing the best MMORPG to the west

I was waiting for this game for many years, a few months ago started playing the RU version and I am so much looking forward to the NA/EU release.

The game has its flaws, like everything, but the pros EASILY outweigh the cons.

Thank you :slight_smile:


For real it’s so awesome of them. I agree thanks Amazon!


i agree i left new world cause that shit was ass and wanted to try this i didnt know much about the game but it feels really polished so ive been enjoying the game very much both pvp and pve


We’ll see… I feel like another pushback/beta test will come into play. They still have a lot of editing to do, and seems they can’t get the game to stay alive after doing updates…

Great game, one of my favorites in a long time. Can’t wait for release!

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The game is amazing but it’s a bit embarrassing that new world came out as it did and they want to make us wait 4 months for a game that is going perfect, in fact there is already “new” content for this game like classes that have been released in other versions.

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