Thank you Amazon for lost my Argos p3 gold

Servers are burning tonight and i just lost my connection in middle of the P3 Argos. I re-connected and couldn’t earn the p3 gold. Thank you so much.

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I lost g1 Vikas loot and entry to g1 for the same problem :SS

Did you reconnect when the raid was already done? Was there anyone else still in the lobby? That would be useful info for future reference.

the game frozen indefinitely and I had to close it manually from windows.

Had 2 issues before :

  1. Guardian raid where i got dc’ed mid fight then told my friend to wait till i came back but there was nothing,i didnt get the soul to harvest.

  2. Abyssal dungeon oreha preveza dc’ed while fighting albion and again told my friend to wait but he said my name was gone from the party members and i went straight to city,lost entry count. But they refunded me with a re-entry ticket the next day. (Dont get your hopes up for this one,got dc’ed months later and i didn’t get re-entry ticket)

Yes, I think that Jeff Bezos himself said, “uh today I want this boy’s internet dad to disconnect, I’ll take the gold”

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Two disconnects more today! Party!!

Im at one disconnect more to uninstall the game during a time, because my gonads starts to be inflated like the rice of chococrispies.

I was thinking in inject some cash to the game to buy slots for Scouter, Summoner and Artist but Im thinking I gonna wait some months till next year, because If I lost tries, resources and definitively My Time for disconnections, if I cant play I dont gonna pay.

Angry like Angron.

I’m not protecting them for what happened yesterday, but I have dced few times on legion raids. But within 1-3 days or less than 24 hrs I have got my re entry tickets. Just wait a little bit. You guys also will get if u loose ur entry .