Thank you! (and sorry)

This latest maintenance notice was great.

  • Addressing important issues (the engraving books mainly)
  • Making sure that you’ve heard us about the disconnects and keeping us updated
  • A good compensation for downtime and multiple bugs/server instability
  • NOT HAVING A CM’S NAME ATTACHED (huge for them) i know the hate must have been horrible and I’m really happy you changed that

Lol, I stepped away for a bit, but appreciate the note about the official account as well. I think it’s something that’s helpful to have in general. It takes time to gather all of the info to keep folks as up to date as possible, so thanks for being patient while we worked everything this week!!


This is not really important but it could be cool to have the official account as a lore name, like Beatrice, a mokoko or something, other games do that like the little owl feh in fire emblem


Would it be possible to have a round 2 of compensation, but this time with a legendary card selection pack :> for more patience while waiting for these disconnect issues to be resolved~?