Thank you, but just please unlock the servers

I am very thankful to all the people who are working so late right now trying to help the community, and I am very thankful that we got a response tonight rather than tomorrow. It was not even just an apology, but a solution. The only problem is that it does not work for many people.

Making it so we can go to a new server and still have some of our stuff is great, but that is just one of the reasons why people don’t want to transfer. I don’t want to start from scratch when I spent money to get where I am right now.

I know it is a large thing to ask for the servers to unlock. I know that there is a big reason as to why they were locked, but people needed more time. I also know telling people would have caused a rush and that queue times would have gotten worse because of it, but I just want to play with my friends.

I know it would be a monumental task to unlock them as it would cause such a mass rush, but please. You can relock them shortly after, just give us some notice.

If the servers can’t be unlocked now then please give us some way for our friends to join us soon. This has made a truly fun game so far so frustrating to the point where I don’t know what to do at this point.


Realizing what the alternative is, can I say that the players would rather deal with the long queue times?

Also, I have not experienced a queue since day 1 on Una.

That is the more confusing part for me. On Regulus, I have yet to experience a queue since launch and even then I got in after half an hour. Even if it was several hours, I still would not care because my friends would be there. I know there are many people who do not have people locked out who would be sad, but queue times will fix themselves in time.

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I’m a paying customer who bought the founder pack, and I’m willing to pay more money. I had real life come in the way of me getting on in the first few days and now as a paying customer I have to pay the price for your guys lack of preparation? Tell me what I need to do, Tell me to pay you 20, 50, 100 more dollars. I just want to play on the server that I am PAYING you guys for.

It is just unacceptable if you actually bought the game already and can’t create Characters on your Server you planned on to play with friends…

Oh yes please.
For me the question is not playing on Asta or Beatrice…
the question is playing on Asta or don’t play at all.

My guild from “the other game” is on this server and why should i even consider playing on another server? with no character transfer to Asta in sight? NO WAY!

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Same boat but Kadan.
2/3 of guild is founder
1/3 was supposed to be f2p that would come on the weekend.
Now its more a question of do we play this game at all, bcs NW got screwed this way also.
And STILL havent recovered of this dumb move, and probably never will. #dumpsterfire

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Almost the same boat here. Not even sure if it’s worth it. If they unlock the servers it might save the game for a lot of people. AGS does it again!

Don’t you think they would sell you something if they could?

If they had the ability to sell transfers, they would. I promise you.

Like if they had the ability to turn on transfers and sell them they would be salivating.

Yeah, they noticed they could make money in the long run. So they are salivating right now. Just open your damn servers before F2P release so that the customers that paid and supported this game, hands down the most valuable group of players and the most probable to produce “whales” doesn’t lose trust in the company. This moves makes sense for F2P release, not for the Founders.

Couldn’t agree more. Deeply disappointed with AGS. Feel like there was a total lack of communication. If I would have known servers getting locked was even a possibility this could have been entirely avoided

Why People Keep Whining with this and that. Thats why you research and watch Videos that explain Everything from Pro Players experience who played the game. I Watch Many Videos and Read Forums and Watch other Streamers explaining Everything about Lost Ark. It’s Not Lost Ark Fault for telling you the Server to Choose this and that it was a decision you made on your own accords.

Why are you telling me to watch videos about something that the company impulsively did 10 hours ago? Especially when I bought the founders pack several days ago? I did my research, I wanted to support the company. But I had to work the first few days off Founder release and I was okay with that. Until the impulsively with NO WARNING blocked off servers to everyone including paying customers. Don’t tell me to just do more research, realize the company is being rash and not understanding their player base at all.

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Yes I understand where your coming from and it’s Not easy doing what all players want it will take time. I bought the Platnium Founder Pack as well im a Paying customer as well you don’t see me whinning about it. I’m Just give them time to Fix the Problem there not cyborg to get it done in 1 Day or 1 hour.

Okay I understand that, But the gimped compensation isn’t a real answer, it’s a slap in the face and will only make people more frustrated. This isn’t something they need to fix, they just need to open up the option to the customers who paid for the game, don’t make the decision for your customers who did research and planned. Make the decision for the people who are playing for free if you truly have the bad of servers. Give the consumers that are supporting you the choices they paid for, don’t promise one thing and than backtrack before you even finish your preemptive time limit on founders pre launch. My problem isn’t the lock, it’s the company legit using false advertisement. Which is illegal.


Ok I can’t argue with that. You do have a Point!

Agreed, Id rather have servers unlocked and wait through que times. Right now playing with friends is near impossible. All Us west servers are locked right now. Hell if they would even just announce a free server change then I could continue to play knowing ill be able to transfer and play with my friends sometime soon.