Thank you casuals!

Now we players around 1400 - 1415 - 1445 have nothing to do for 1 - 2 month’s kekw good thing they didnt put any honing buffs so y’all can now get to 1400+ if you do the grind and oh man they grind is more brutal than 1340-1370 LOL
Especially now when its hard to make gold supposedly well according to the casual. Welp have a pretry nice day


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that’s the game. For people who paid to rush they can go play something else or wait.


Can you send me gold and all your extra mats so I can get to 1445 please? :slight_smile:

The problems are not the casuals the problem is AGS not implementing the honing buff to get ppl to be valtan ready.
They don’t give ppl the tools to get there fast even though they want players to experience it fast

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not worth to reply here anymore, that guy is legit trolling and baiting

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No one cares about you whales. It was your decision to fast track to 1440 - 1490 or whatever the ilevel you’re at when you very well know that majority of the playerbase won’t be able to reach there yet. Now you lot are facing content draught. No, I won’t ask you to go and collect mokoko seeds or other horizontal contents, but I will ask u go and swipe in other gacha games instead. Peace.

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Dont have a current roster screenshot since im not logged in but this was from about a week ago

whoever isnt 1415 as f2p already is not a true fan bro.

my buddy always jokes about me being 1360 and hes right. i should follow in his footsteps - quit my job and move in with my mother (or his mother at this point - then he will be a real brother, not just one in arms [or son depending on how much his mom likes me])

Real Talk though: I wished they added turbo honing rates now to get us to that goddamn itemlevel quickly, so we can have valtan at least in may. I don’t see it happen with more honing mats events, simply because of the gold drough we are in right now. one of my buddies quit because he hates the fact he has to make gold to level up his gear and upon reaching t3, hes basically at 600g left.
what a casual right? :cowboy_hat_face:

You are going to be waiting for content for months in the future too. Good time to get used to it.

what a terrible example. its quite the difference if you already have content you can run and wait for the next tier or you simply dont have any content at all.

There u go, a week for 1394.6 to 1395. Said it ur self.

And u think ull do 1400 in 1 week?

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You realise im like 1376 in that picture that was a week to hit 1375-1394

To the OP…


Oh my bad… please share ur when you get to 1400 as well. 5 times a day so ig a week is enough right?

And using the very small minority of players above 1400 as an example of when to release content is good somehow?

no, thats why i said i hoped for them to implement one hell of a honing boost already so people get to the itemlevel quickly now. why is everybody so two-dimensional in here?

I feel like the extremely obvious release pattern was:

Valtan (1415) Late April/Early May

Vyakis (1430) Late May

Valtan Hard (1445) Mid June

Instead we’re just getting 1415 + 1445 in Mid May which is too late for 1415 and too early for 1445 IMO.

Argos was 1370 for P1 and 1400 for P3, just gonna take time to reach.

Yeah and Argos was a stellar release lmao

If the sarcasm wasn’t obvious, Argos went horribly and there was a ton of backlash

Not to mention, Argos P2/P3 Are basically like the same rewards as P1 but a bit less.

Valtan Hard gives relic set mats, while Valtan Normal does not.