Thank You Devs - Report System?

I highly appreciate the server queue issues being resolved on Shandi. Just want to say thank you first for that.

I was wondering though about the effectiveness of the in-game reporting system. Is there a certain way the developers would like us to report? I ask this cause i am not sure if our game location gets sent in with the report, which could greatly help the devs looking at the report.
For example, when reporting a gold site spammer. Is a lazy report such as,

“This player is spamming area chat”

fine or would you prefer us to help you locate the offender

“This player is advertising gold buying sites in the Vern city area chat”

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I report so many gold spammers when I go to main cities that I just type ‘goldspam’ in the reason field (which is required). If it is a goldspammer via private message I type ‘goldspam pm’. I can hope they get the point. :slight_smile:

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