Thank you for all the dcs that you don't fix!

I just lost my argos gold for this week just because you think you are too good to actually address such issues or to implement a working lockout system that is dc resistant!

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None of this makes sense. Maybe rethink what you want to say and make sure it is logical.

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the DC issue wont be fixed til next year around anni times lol, maybe even march.

Idk about SG, AGS is definitely prepping to head out for the holidays.

Hi, I’m here to tell you I’ve dc’d zero times still since the start of the game. Also if a single argos lockout affects you this much you’re in awful shape.

Same here 0 dcs on any of my raids atm (did 6x Vykass HM, 6x Clowns, 5X Valtan Hm, 6x Argos, 1x Brel (g1 to 6))

And your singular experience invalidates that of everyone else? Self centered much? Don’t answer, that’s rhetorical, I actually don’t care

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You don’t have to cry outloud bro, its clear that this DC issue is affecting a minority not a majority. (It was affecting more ppl a month ago tho not anymore)

It’s crazy that there’s so many threads of people raging about this, yet none of you consider it could’ve been your own internet having a hiccup.

In that case there’s absolutely NOTHING they can do about it as refunding tickets is automated on you d/cing because of THEIR servers. If you’re d/cing from your internet they quite literally can’t and won’t ever be able to help you as it’s a flaw in how lockouts work.

tldr - crying here isn’t going to help, if they’re going to look into it and try to help they will, regardless of what you say

lag and dc problem will be fix when Lost Ark 2 comes around

I think your experience is far from the norm, don’t you think the countless threads, as well as AGS publicly acknowledging there have been dc issues for like 6 weeks now kinda show it’s not just people complaining to complain?

I get seeing so many threads on it are annoying especially when to you it’s been perfectly fine and to their credit it’s gotten better, it just to be 7 times a session for me with the eac offline DCs but I now get one every 2-3 sessions but still, try and have a little empathy for people.

lol you fool “internet issue” my gf play with the wifi she’s not dc… me with ethernet cable I’m disconnected… and I liked the “minority” ! in a raid we got 5 dc at the same time

you’re maybe on karmine server where you could max the wei card twice… lel

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