Thank you for bringing Summoner to us - I'm having a blast!

I’m very excited about the new Summoner class and I’m having a blast atm leveling her up!
I haven’t had this much fun for some time in the game, so thank you for bringing this class to us!

Yes, I’m also annoyed with all the dcs, just also wanted to show some appreciation for this awesome class :wink:

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Still dont know if i wana play master summoner or pet summoner :c

Would like to one burst class in my team but the awekening pet looks sick af :smiley:

More fun is better than more burst. GO PET!!! Woohooooooo

heh the hype is real Oo
3 comments in 6h :stuck_out_tongue:

same for scouter. See like 0 scouters lmao

Loving it as well. Pumped her up to 1430 yesterday. Did Argos and Orehas, chaos dungeons and Guardian raid. So far she is living up to my expectations.

A bit odd imo because I’ve seen threads in which players were begging for summoner release, so you would think a whole lot more would be excited about it. Hope they enjoy the release anyways!


Iam also having fun, But the pet build isnt as engaging as I thought. After a couple of guardian runs I find the pet management highly annoying.
Which is weird since I planned to play the pet build but spamming ancients is way more fun then I thought.
Its also way more fun then lets say reflux sorc.

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