Thank you for Caliligos changes

Getting gatekept and having to use “party finder” for a “daily homework” was horrendous. Looking forward to an equal fight without the shenanigans tomorrow.


so many people actually going to do this guardian again


Best change ever, thank you devs.

Can we officially demote Carl to Carl Jr. now?


Yup, when Calli was released MM Kunga average clear times shot up since the big boys are not running him anymore. But for the past couple of weeks clear times went back to around 3-4 min average. Like me, a lot of ppl went back to kunga for a variety of reasons. GHL, they want a chill run, getting gatekept at PF or ppl just find the Calli encounter tedious.


Yeah, since Helliligos is coming eventually, the true Cali experience for those who are angy an annoying boss got rightfully nerfed.

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