Thank you for FINALLY telling us something

We want information, we really do, because playing the game blind isn’t fun, it’s stressing. Knowing what is coming helps a lot. Even if not everyone will think what was announced answers their problem, it’s a step in the right direction IMO.
Just, please, communicate.
Communication is the key, it’s always what causes the most problems in games, it’s lack of transparency and lack of communication.
Please don’t let that happen again, never wait a whole week to officially speak about current issues (even if it’s to say that it’s a non-issue). What kills the community feeling is when a studio ignores the playerbase, and if you don’t communicate directly to the playerbase it’s the exact same thing as if you were completely ignoring them.
Don’t hesitate to make OFFICIAL announces more often if needed, it will at least resolve the worries of some players.

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