Thank you for making Resonance Elixirs roster bound - I did the stupid

I wanted to say thankyou for making the Resonance aura Elixirs roster bound and not character bound; I managed to log into my alt to do my knowledge transfer and go “ooh shinies to claim!” <.<

Not sure we should thank them for doing something that should be the norm …

At most I’ll say good job when they change all the character bound (untradable) t1/t2 stuff to roster bound as it should be

Resonance also can’t exceed 50 with potions, so you can only use 1 by 1 when you’re 0/50, otherwise they just disappear.

Aren’t all the daily logins roster bound?

Don’t know why a thanks is needed here tbh.

Not true, you can use 2, but not more than 2.

Also the game doesn’t let you use them if you are 100/50.

Most resource chests are bind on pickup, but the logins seem to be Bind to Roster; so I guess it’s a well played on making logins bind to roster.

I did my daily run, was at 0/50, used 2 potions and was left at 50/50 with 3 potions left.

Hmm, I did the exactly same, but it did go to 100 / 50 and than the game even told me I can’t use more pots.

The aura of resonance in the window needed a few seconds to catch up though. It did show 50/50 for a few seconds and than jumped to 100/50.