Thank you for removing Yoz Jar and implementing the 1460 research,

While there are several threads about people angry about not being able to immediately gamble for legendary skins, I can just personally say. Thank you for doing this, it means a lot to me, and to a big part of the community I am sure.

People, relax. You will get your shinies.
If you are seriously angry about them removing a predatory lootbox system, then you are lost forever in a corporate milking maze.

Skins should not come from paid gambling. It should either be earned in-game, or paid with a direct transparent cost. No dice rolls for products. I am pretty sure you would not do that when you buy most other products.

Personally however, I think the 1460 is the big thing. We can finally move out of the 1370 slog with alts, and be able to make a lot of diverse parties for Valtan, and get a lot more support alts into the normal at least, and 1415 is not too far from Normal Vykass.

This means your alts will have a real chance of being able to do 2 Legion raids a week if they want. This is a big boost of content if you have 1 main and 1-2 high alts, compared to just 1 Valtan on Main.

This is some winning news. We needed that. Hope this continues, because it is important for retention. Hopefully soon theres news on the EUW situation too.

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