Thank you for the Chaos Dungeon Vendor change

Despite all the attention in regards to the issue of one class per two months, I would like people to be aware if they aren’t already that the immediate update coming live soon has this change

Chaos Dungeon exchange vendor rewards have been adjusted to be character bound. Shards earned from Chaos Dungeons are Roster bound, so players can share them with other characters on their Roster in order to redeem rewards from the exchange on alternate characters.

A great change and win for the war against the bots and for us likeminded individuals pushing for this change to happen prior to the Valtan update release on May 19th.

Gotta give the staff and development team for at least hearing and implementing such a change ngl.

Edit: Might as well make even the drops from mobs whether its the guardian/destruction/leapstones to roster bound as well to fully discourage bots from ever doing infinite chaos dungeon again. Infinite chaos dungeon imo should have never been a feasible method of making gold and there are plenty of other methods to make legitimate gold.


Yea thanks a bunch! Took you quite a bit of time, but this is the right step and at least you did it.
Now ban those bots and we’re golden :slight_smile:

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doesn’t matter as half of normal ppl are botting to get to 1460+ anyway & they’re easily there already

I was happily surprised by this one, a step into the right direction.

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If it gets changed to resemble older tiers and gives me another shop to clean out on my main weekly I’ll be extra happy

Yes, thanks for taking away yet another source of gold legit players were able to use. Could have simply lowered the weekly amount to say 15 but nah, just get rid of it entirely.

Can’t wait to see what the next “get rid of this!” topic will be here from players when it comes to the bots. I expect Una gold. I know it for sure won’t be “perma ban RMT users!” because that’d actually start to show some progress unlike these gold nerfing decisions that don’t do jack.


Shut up, no sane person makes gold via chaos dungeons unless they have a bot themselves. So you’re either insane or use a bot. Or if you’re neither of that explain how much gold per hour you’re making from infinite chaos dungeon and I’ll tell you at least a few dozen ways to be more effective with your time that will net you far more gold.


Your way of making gold was farming infinite chaos and selling what you bought from the vendor?

I mean, sure, it would get you some gold but the more you did it the worse time-wise it gets. At that point, it’s more efficient to just spend that time creating alts and gearing them up to 1340/1370

its 3 weeks 2 late nothing to be happy about

Would you prefer it never happed though?

You know what they say, “better late than never”

well not true… I make like 15-20k gold per week depends on price of market from chaos dungeon vendor, and now i can not grind more for gold? how I should progress if all gold income were nefred but the honing cost and maintance is same? what a stupidity… grinded 2-4 hours daily for my gold. now will not progress because lack of income… nice to know.

By making alts :smiley:

6 T3 alts takes about the same time as you were grinding and make more gold weekly

alts? ever heard of alts?

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You only expose yourself as someone who owns a bot and dont even try to deny it, by making stupid claims such as: i eNjoY gRiNdiNg or iTs mY mAiN sOuRcE oF GoLd, just dont give me that shit. I make that amount daily with 7 characters and I spend 1/10th the time your bot needs to clear the chaos vendor.

oh yeah right he should play the game then gold comes alone if not 5 IQ xd

They listened to our feedback. We made the push for change together. We should feel proud for fighting what we believed in. The sweet taste of victory.

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this is just a beginning of figting with chinesee and russian bots , i hope it will continou with more punishment

played BDO grinded 8h a day grinding here is chill…

have 10 alts and the gold what i need to progress on item lvl 1460 is not enough…

Cant wait for the same persons saying this is a nice change, to cry to hell when prices of all mats do x10, and they will be back crying because they have no golds.

Fix the detection of bots, dont ruin normal players income.