Thank you for the goodies

Once again, I thank the kind folks at Amazon Gaming and Smilegate for the nice rewards we get just for playing. People forget that you don’t have to give us anything, it is a nice perk of the game. I am enjoying Lost Ark and I hope to play this for a long long time. Bravo!

Wait, you can stay logged in for more than 5 minutes at a time?

Yes, I haven’t had that problem as of this writing.

Yeah they don’t have to give us anything, but I figured a working game is the least they could do.

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They created the issues themselves. They just hand out freebies to try and appease players for the buggy express event rewards, DC problems (2 weeks ongoing), negative pheons, and edited Shadowhunter form. If you think this is OK, you are part of the problem that let them think they can keep up the terrible management practices.


You sound angry over getting or not getting free items. That, in my opinion, is very petty. Glitches, errors and misjudgment happen in every game. I played World of Warcraft for a long time and have seen every type of error, shutdown and mismanagement you can think of, why should you not expect it here on Lost Ark? EA is even worse than these companies. Being upset is one thing. but to go waving fingers at people because they don’t share your disappointment is rude and childish.

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its called entitlment

Yes people should someone expect it, but they havent been improving about it since Day 1. Mismanagement in the QA test when players can find these exploit problems really fast is a problem. They have way too many mistakes in under a year than any other company. Yes WoW and the others have these problems, but here’s the catch, they fix those game breaking bugs way faster, have backup plans incase they can’t find those fixes. EX: rollback the patch.
AGS or SG just have too much screw ups and our version isnt even 1 year old, which begs the question why isnt other versions just have way less problems than us.

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