Thank you for the Honing buff

Good job AGS. It’s nice to see that you’re at least listening, to a certain extent, to the cries of the users invested enough to voice their concerns about the game. Thank you. My guildmates and I are very pleased and grateful.
@Roxx Please pass on our gratitude to your fellow AGs employees.


they released it because they found out that our region is the lowest of all utilizing alts
no wonder? since we don’t have global honing buff?
it just took them 5 months to figure it out, even though players said it over and over pre launch

In fact, it’s because, in general, the other regions received ± in the same time as us. There’s nothing fancy about alt control.

I believe it would be extremely unpleasant for a new player to start if it didn’t.

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I agree, even though AGs are not doing things to target new players as they’ve said, but I’m glad nonetheless as some of my friends have returned after this update to give the game another shot and my guildmates, like myself, have had only good things to say about the update in our Discord.


well the express events target specifically new players or alts.
As when those are around is usually when a new player should start playing or return.

Of course this has probably been the best update to date, being able to get my alts 1370 so effortlessly has revitilized my mood for the game.

Only problem with the honing buff is that when players get to T3 they are going to get some big-time sticker shock when they start failing most of their hones as they try to move their gear higher.

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