Thank you for the massive update

I didn’t expect the update to be this huge with so many QoL changes. I thought they would just add the Artist class with a few changes here and there.
Thank you AGS and SG for the update.

I’m also affected by the gold change etc. But I don’t care, tbh, the game must change at some point.


Full agree, this update is a huge win! Super excited for this patch, especially the double legion raid drops for new characters!

Still no buying box outside of legion raid :frowning:

@Shiki101 Huh? There is wdym?

Yes KR has the ability to buy the box from legion outside of the raid if they forgot it.
Plus now on KR alt the box cost zero and they can do all 5 legion raid without being locked out. (this one is new update tho, unlike the box been out for a bit)

@Shiki101 I mean they added it in the patch notes unless I misread?

Did they i didn’t see it

@Shiki101 :tada:

Alright thought this was for the new updated bonus pieces to see if u could get bonus rewards. This will be good then

Massive W this patch, can’t wait to play tomorrow!

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They explained it poorly but pretty sure this is what you want :slight_smile:

I do wish they could add the 2 new hairstyles tho u.u thats whats missing but we got way more than what i expected in the first place

to be fair we didnt get any QoL since december, so we most of them packed in 1 patch xD

game killing patch

Or hand as a reskin when they come out

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why? If you’re talking about bots, The Agros gears probably going to cost 1 - 2k per piece, considering the current leap stone prices.

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