Thank you for the nerfs. The game was just for 24/7 hardcore gamers

now if only we can get the original(currently in kr and was in beta)
honing system instead of this nonsense we have now…

I think western adversity to challenge is a result of a wider systemic problem. This selfish and lazy standard that’s developed, isn’t exactly invisible in the endless other domains is it. Be it political, social, or any environment you like. For me, I can only really facepalm at the damage its done to the entire thing.

Denial becomes a landslide back patting festival. Same score on most media platforms. Everything aimed at endorsing and promoting people, almost too thick to function - and it sky rockets. Lowering quality everywhere in favor of printing mindless dollars.

I fully understand the go to narrative is, ‘we don’t all have no job or play 24/7’. Sure. Plenty of skilled players have several jobs - they just have a brain and the ability to schedule. So your point? Yeah. Hyperbolic rubbish to seek approval for lazy mindset is all it is. They would invent any judgmental rhetoric to back it up; because they can’t accept criticism or effort.

Yes; not everything needs to be so hard you cry. Nor artificially hard and time consuming. But those are deflections 99% of the time. I.e not the real motive. People need swing the bullshit hammer a little less. Man up or get out if its that bad. Clearly the game has been successful elsewhere and not everything has to appeal to toddlers. Nor should it be ruined on your ‘me me me quest’ - when anyone of any worth; learns and improves.

Thats part of what makes a cooperative experience engaging. Which you know, is part of the point. The actual anti-socials; are usually them - crying for nerfs. Ironic really.


I dont need to defend myself, I just explain cuz you refuse to understand and you also refuse the facts.
It seems you just came here to live your wet social justice warrior dream.
But its ok, go along and try to “defend” the poor casuals from toxic nolife hardcor elitist 24/7 faggots like me. kappa

didnt they buff the HP on all bosses because of beta feedback and are now just lowering it?
Guardians and T1 &T2 Raids a just stepping stones i dont care if there made ezyer. means i get more time to hunt seeds ect.

That said it wont do much people think there Giga chad and think they can brute force a boss and dont need to do mechanics and wipe wipe again and then vote to end the raid because its not there fault. cant nerf stupid sadly. Those people will leave the game when they hit T3 thinking they can do raids without inscriptions gems ect.

This was proven false, if you would take the time to google not only would you know that, the same skills that would help people overcome the difficulties there experiencing.

no it was proven false let me find the post with testing and the math to show

found it

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What sads me is that Roxx herself catalogs players who are willing to learn as “hardcore/skilled”. Learning something is not an attitude from hardcore players only, but it’s the essence of any game. I don’t understand this mentallity.

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5mins to google the political stance of Amazon should answer it all, the only hope is smile gate putting there foot down at some point, because I do not think its going to stop here

I personally like the challenge, started playing MMOs in 2014. As long you learn the mechanics you are good to go.

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This mongol at 540ilv and crying about t1 raids and having 6 alts. Okay make everything 1 shot coz It takes hours to make all dailies with 500 alts, please amazon. Raids are easy, their HP is the problem.

it nerf is happening to T1/T2 and they said they do not really want to touch T3 it just means people will give up at T3.

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I hope that’s the case and not another outrage about wanting T3 nerfs in such a short time.

Well the gold bots are certainly gonna be happy they can roll more contents easily to sell more gold to the community. Lets not forget to complain about T3 being hard in the near future so that they’ll nerf those too.

If anything’s a problem is that they decided to increase the guardian raid HP for the Western release because the beta testers thought it was too easy. Meaning if anything needs adjusting its the guardian raids, not the abyssal dungeons. Now imagine few months from now where they’ll release more contents and probably more increasingly difficult raid/dungeons, should they nerf those in advance too just because the Western community are too casual?

The ones crying about the dailies being too hard and how you need to do dailies on 6 chars is a chore, well what if I tell you you don’t really have to? You treat the game as a chore ofc it feels like a chore. If you can’t stand the game as it is now, I don’t think you’ll stand the T3 contents in the future (which I’ll assume they’d nerf anyway because its the West)

Your first paragraph was just fine, however this second one is just pure selfishness.

1 Shot mechanics will still be there, the game was always like this, “if i wanted hardcore raiding with no mistakes id play FFXIV” Well, then play something else than Lost Ark. LA had these mechanics since the beginning, why should it be changed just because you dont like them? All the fan base knew about these mechanics in T1 and they were fine with them.

Im not against making T1 and T2 easier, but the 1 shots will be there, and people who complain about 1 shot mechanics in T1 and T2 will do the same again in T3 and Legion raids, so really, go play a different game.


lol… T1 and T2 abyss dungs are piss poor easy… if you are struggling with those (or any guardians) this game is not for you.

please explain me how it is hard to press G in order during like 5 minute fight at best or how it is hard to press G on an orb which has same color as your entire screen for 2 seconds ?

fml, today’s “players” just want everything branidead without having to pay attention or to deserve the rewards in the games

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Yeah, since Bots are known for completing Raids and Abyss on their own all the time :face_with_monocle:

Nerfing content does not mean people cant learn encounter mechanics. In fact frustration is a negative factor in learning. Do you want players to learn the game, give them a feeling of acomplishment. Introduce new mechanics step by step and make it obvious. And force them to practice. Just because you watched a youtube video doesnt mean you can apply those tectics. In my opinion you should only have access to the next guardian&raid if they cleared the previous three times. But then again some people would complain if they have to spend one more day to progress…

By the way. If the game is too easy for you, try something new. Dont use guides, dont let others do the hard work for you. Figure it out by yourself. One of the best experiences in my long gaming life i had in WoW Burning crusade by clearing a dungeon without guids available. Well, took use 6 hours for a 40 minute dungeon but felt really good.

This is me, that’s why I don’t play Elden ring or Dark souls.
I just don’t find games like that fun, even when I watch someone play them games they usually rage.

I think a game should be fun, not frustrating.

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Just add normal/hard modes for abyss dungeons/guardians. I dont care if they give the same loot. I just want to experience the game the way it was designed. This way the casuals can go roflstomp the ‘‘harder’’ version with way higher ilvl if they want.


I heavily disagree. You are not forced to do anything, you can play the game, however you want. Fast or slow, that is up to you. If you put pressure on yourself and start playing like that, that is your problem. I am at GS 1090 right now, I played a lot and I see a lot of people, who are already at 13xx.

The Guardian Raids are surely not “almost impossible” at the GS level of 340. This and other content is not for people, that want rewards, progress, and success while being braind-dead-afk. You want success, but don’t want to put in some effort? How do you want to succeed in your life, with that attitude? Learn the bosses and learn their mechanics. If you do that, it will be way easier.

I also read guides and content, but do I like it? No. Why? Because it spoilers me of the content I want to do. I like to explore content without knowing anything about it. Sadly, this mentality is not really liked in the MMORPG world, when you play in a party group. You get a lot of hate for it, because it increases the risk of failing and wiping. Many players dont take their time to learn something, they only want immediate success and every delay to it, causes them to rant.

If you are being stunned 90% of your time through the tail attack of the guardian, why are you standing behind him then? It seems like, you dont want to learn the attack patterns of the boss, you are fighting.

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