Thank you for the Roadmap

First, Thank you all.

The more I read these threads complaining about literally everything the more dumbfounded I get.
Seriously, looking at the latest Topics gives me the chills. Just to name a few:

You seriously don’t listen to your players
Worst Roadmap in my opinion and i am pretty sure amazon behind all this delay
God, this company makes blizzard almosst look decent
A disappointing outcome
Classes to be released at an accelerated rate” - Nice joke

and so on…

I personally think the roadmap is just fine and basically exactly what people asked for. We got an accelerated class release with 2 in April/May, not one ecery 2 to 3 months.
We got Legion Raids pushed into a timeframe where most likely the majority of players will be able the enjoy that content. Some nice quality of life changes. South Vern and all along with a Feiton Powerpass for easier leveling of the new class - which certainly is not a given. It could’ve been a Vern Pass or none at all. Of course not everyone will be adressed by that but that’s just fine.

I feel like we’ve actually been listened to and that’s wonderful.

I’d like to say thanks to @Maselbart , @Roxx , @Shadow_Fox , @Sandovall , @Seawolf , @Bankon , @Ulver , @MAK , @GoHi , @Firus , ThunderWolf , Nimbus94 , Sapphiron , Fostus , Lyon , Ayin , Peps , Dim , JWarlock , aePixie , Cactacea , Eulah , Muzz , Burchet , Poxic , Santoryu , Sylphrena , DevonK , Executioner , Soxy , Chameliaca , Nokk , Silverwolf , shinsekai , RuthlessFalcon , SuperMod , Thorald , ASHISH , Symptom , Anubitas , Prem2628 , Ixam , Standor , Darkens , Valret , Helianthus , Kagami , Dragoniss , Ulfhundur , Conja , Ymir , Amanita , Donxul Biksvartur , Curi , Dime and many others I most likely missed (sorry if so)

I actually could only @ 10 of you. So please make sure that everyone on the team receives a huge virtual hug from me.

You’re doing your job and you’re doing it great. Surely this forum can be somewhat of a fiesta and you have to put up with it. Thanks.

To every player reading this it might be a good look at how many people are working to give us a great experience in Lost Ark - after all, the time we spend here won’t come back and we should spend it wisely on something that we truly enjoy.

That’s all, I will see you in Arkesia my friends.
Have a wonderful day/night and remember to feed your Mokokokokokoko.