Thank you for the rule enforcement on RMTers, AGS & Smilegate Team

I previously posted a feedback with a heavy heart about feeling demotivated since it seemed like RMT was not being addressed (A small request for a statement regarding RMT) - and it seemed like it was a sentiment shared by a good number of forum-goers.

Over the weekend and the last few days, I’ve been feeling pretty good about the actions taken. I don’t have a lot to say except that I’m happy with what AGS and Smilegate are doing. So, in the sea of all the other feedback and claims that they are falsely banned, hopefully the team also sees an appreciation feedback.

I’m sure I’m not the only one happy about this, but as I’ve taken time to write out a long post before, I thought it would also be fair to take the time to write an appreciation post. Thank you, AGS and Smilegate! Please continue to aggressively go after users engaging in illegal RMT!


RMTing has never been an issue that wasn’t being addressed. People were getting perma banned for it within the first weeks of the game and still are to this day.


Very sweet post, they did a goob job since July, huge numbers of RMTers are down, in my personal opinion its a bit late, but good nonetheless

@Lilith1 no permabans, started with 3 day bans for first offense, and since July it depends on $, 1 month for each 100K detected


As someone falsely banned by their system.
I do agree. it has potential to work.
However it needs better logic/triggers.

but the people writing the logic dont play the game, so they slapped item sold x ammount = flag and ban. i know this to be true as after i was unbanned i had level 10 gem sales pending in my mail box and was re-banned within 3 minutes by the same system.

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Hello @bmkerr963, I apologize for the false ban. I will report this issue to the devs.

Wow finally a real response, Much appreciated and remember this is for my main account Tassili100k or steam account brandon100k, character Tassili-Galatur. now the question is as i was falsely banned twice, what happens if im unbanned an i still have mail, once i am unbanned im going to record the login process.

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No problem @bmkerr963. Just FYI, I can’t unban your account. I can only give this information over to the devs as a bug report, as it seems this is unintentional.

Thats still good enough, Can i stop writing ban appeals now.
And also how long before the unban? or will i be notified?
Will i be safe to login despite having mail containing money from the market for level 10 gem sales that happened while banned?

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Unfortunately, I do not have the answer to that. I would still try to appeal just in case. Hopefully, this will help you in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

I Will include this topic in the evidence of next appeal.
I currently have like 3 that dont have responses yet.
As great job for communicating with me.
Thats all it really takes to get people not up in arms.
And hopefully this can be worked on so that other players that lack evidence to plead their case dont fall victim to this.

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No problem! Hopefully, everything works out for you!

Me to this has been some crazy ride of emotion since the 7th when i was banned and then un banned on the 8th and then re-banned 3 minutes later and having to go though the appeal process over. I will record this time for even more evidence.

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Ty, I submitted another appeal last night an this morning i got a direct response saying they have escalated it to the appropriate team. Which is a step above the previous responses of just telling me they found i received 5.6m or 655k in rmt gold.

I have included all screenshots, forum topics and evidence of what happened.

@JetJet Can you please also send a bug report for my buddy Boomshakazulu? He has sent in countless appeals and has not heard back from anyone. Here is a link to all the relevant info regarding the unjust ban.

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@satorizenso Hello! Unfortunately, I don’t handle ban appeals, but if you have a specific bug you’d like to report, please post it in the bug reports section of the forum, and a forum moderator will see it and report it to the devs.

It was being addressed from the start, you all were just crying about nothing.

When all you receive is you been banned a specialist reviewed the account and found it received 5559400g from RMT sellers. and then unbanned and login and be banned again to receive the same message just it saying 653,400g which was the total of my remianing level 10 gem sells i had on the market at the time of ban. and you have a 2600 hour account on the line, then you def want to bring this type of problem up to whoever can escalate it the best they can. All they had to do was when i write an appeal would be like sorry this happened to you an we are aware of this false flag on your account, please be patient while our moderation team waits to review the evidence provided and responds to you, this normally takes 48-72 hours.

But instead i get the same copy pasta response, saying we found the ban is meritted an you received 653,400g from rmt sellers and will remain banned till 2/8/2023, So when i get the same flag from the same problem that re-banned me, then ofc im keep sending in appeals and raise hell over this.

Lets say you was sent to prison and the only reason that was given is you stole 5.6m dollars from a bank when all you did was withdraw 5.6m dollars from your own account, well you are found innocent and on your walk out the gates they take you back to the prison cell and say sorry a new investigation found you stole 655k dollars of the same money you was found innocent to not stealing. and the dude reviewing the case doesnt know the difference in removing money from your own account and stealing it from the bank.

please take a few minutes to go through this thread.

escalate it properly.

that’s all i ask, and thank you.

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