Thank you for the upcoming powerpass and express event

this is a genuine post, as i see so many people complaining, the way i look at it im just happy we are getting something, the fact we are getting a powerpass and express event to skip argubly the worst section 1340-1370, im really happy about, so thank you @Roxx @Shadow_Fox


true but now u summoned bunch of crying babies in this topic 3…2…1…

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its fine haha, the amount of negativity and whiny children on this forum is insane, people would complain even if they gave us 18 1570 classes and 500 million gold, like they cant win no matter what

I heard this event could take a figure until 1415 it’s amazing

Funny how the DEAD Zone which was 1340-1370 is now 1370 - 1415 :D.
let us wait 2 additional month the new “Dead Zone” to cry about will be 1415-1460.


I wonder if this event gives x2 in honing like the previous super express, that would be super cool even if is just until 1370

i dont mind the 1370-1415 deadzone as much, as i can do argos aswell, 1340-1370 was super slow for me, and i think 1415 would be overwhelming for new players when it would also cut off their gold income from the oreha raids, this way it eases a bigger chunk of the casual playerbase into the highed end content

i have saved up enough mats for 1415 day 1 with arcana, and i aimed this around no express event, so the fact there is an express event is a very big deal as it will save people tens of thousands of gold worth of mats/honing costs

i didnt even think about that! that would be huge actually

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New players wont be able to use it anyway tho. only if you already have a character in T3

new players who have used the super express to 1302, will have this express that will bring them to 1370, which they can then get their barings

you can reach T3 in 2 weeks maybe 3 if you play at least 1 or 2 hours a day, and this event will last for like 2 months. Which means you will end up with a T3 main and a T3 alt.

I’m just saying new players wont be able to jump straight to T3, and honestly i cant be talking my friends in to doing T1 & 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Its a decent freebee for already excisting players tho

It’s gonna be so good getting these. I can’t wait to get my next 2 roster character up and going :pray:

you do realize that 1340 being the dead zone was in relation to doing argos since that was the highest content you can do and it would take so long to reach p1.

now that we’re living in the future 1370 is the new dead zone because it would take much much more resources to get you to valtan nm, which isnt the newest or highest content at this point than it took you to reach argos

i see you’re learning how time works at last, good job smiagul

Only to end up at the, statistically worse section, 1370-1415.

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that’s the difference between you and people who value themselves and their time and demand that ags respects them, not just throw them the worst event the game can offer.

they probably debated whether to make it a 1340 express event or not knowing that people like you would be happy getting anything anyway.

might as well make the game subscription based and pay them 50 dollars a month and be thankful it’s not a 100 dollars subscription lol

dude must be loving doing yoho and p1 argos in 4 hours with randoms every week

It means, we are getting “free” 2 alt at 1370?

I don’t get it. So someone who doesn’t share your positive outlook or share the same opinion as you is a cry baby? Wouldn’t that make you a boot licker for having a positive perspective if someone with a negative perspective is a cry baby?

you’ve took my comment out of context, its not everyone who doesnt agree, its the fact people are acting like spoilt brats, does kr only get express and powerpass with new characters?

which are every 6 months?
this is our second one in the space of 3 months, with another one probably being later this year, and a powerpass coming with probably every future class release we get

we have been given SO much for free in this game, and nobody ever thanks them

they just give the cms so much shit when its out of their control, all they can do is pass it on to smilegate and its up to smilegate what happens

can you imagine going to work every day just to be shouted at by everyone for 9/10 hours 5/6 days a week? theyre doing as much as they can with what they have, im happy im getting some sort of assistance in honing atleast partial of the way to 1460, as its better than nothing

i made this post to thank ags for what we are getting, take your negative energy to the other 50 thousand negative posts on this forum