Thank you for wasting my time and making me excited for nothing

As a German player I am just out of words.

No, I don’t want my money back or other ridiculous things people are asking for. I just want proper solutions and transparent communication instead.

I startet the game at 12pm with position 22,5k in the queue. In the meantime I went on with my daily life. Even went on a 3 hour trip with my girlfriend. 8 hours later at 8pm and position <1000 my PC decides to restart for whatever reason and I am not even back in the queue but get kicked out due to heavy traffic.

Your solution? First your open more servers. Than you lock those servers and open more. The next day you unlock those again. Guess what? They all are full and have a frickin long queue.

Giving us 3 days of premium to offset the time we couldn’t play and offering us SOME of our pre-order benefits back for switching to other full servers is a punch in the face and utterly disrepectful.

That was already strategic planning to get the playerbase down by 80% in the first 2 month, like they did it with New World…

Wait for it, believe me this was only the beginning, they are just warming up on screwing us over…