Thank you SG and AGS!

First off, I hope your Team meet week is going well. I gotta say its really impressive that in a short amount of time the entire SG support team were able to fly out and help the west with our issues concerning getting a whole new server base setup for EU. As well as changing your entire 3 months scope from prepping a Raid boss and 1 new class to overhaul your entire approach and prep a whole new road map/plan. On top of that start a war against the Bot invasion. I want to say thank you for listening to the community feedback and getting us more mats to help us progress and get caught up to Argos.

This probably isn’t how you imagined or planned the Western release to go. But in 30 days you guys are changing your entire approach and it takes a really impressive attitude and drive to do that. Not everyone will understand what that takes to change entire direction from a plan already set. People can throw blame how they will. But keep up the good work and know that most of us may not be loud but we are still here enjoying the game.


Personally I am very happy with the anti-bot measures they are putting up with this reset. Great work there. Hopefully this will deter botting to a sizeable amount, and I would be curious to know how effective this becomes.


I agree this is a step in the right direction against bots , And the extra honing mats are good to be able to push the ilvl alittle higher , Now its only a matter of time until the player base reach 1370 .

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