THANK YOU SG, for the hoverboard and pet skin!

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for including the hoverboard and pet skin again with the new event!!! I am SO excited! Dreams do come true! :joy: Please keep having cute things in the game to keep casuals like me super duper happy. Thank you mucho. There are sooo many combinations of the choices that I’d like!


Ya I totally picked the wrong color when we got the hoverboards the first time so now I can pick the correct one

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I got the pink one to be cute but ive had rainbow board fomo ever since… Very happy with both! I hope we can get another mokoko pet! I wouldn’t mind having a christmas one of each for the holidays also. I think having the mokoko stronghold structure is cute.

You see that AGS? This kind of Events with appropriate reward make dedicated players happy.
Keep up the good work, now my only addition is Scouter next class release, VERY very huge demand for the class and you know what to do

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