Thank You Smilegate, AGS and Lost Ark

Hello all reading this post.

I know this post might not be received very well by the community but I don’t care. I want to say THANK YOU to Smilegate, AGS and everyone that has been working on getting us this game and continuously trying their best to give us the best experience as much as they could/was in their power to do.

Why this post? It’s not for brown-nosing, a**-kissing or anything. This post has been brought on by the recent experience with Blizzard Games, more specifically the OW 2 release.

We were crying about the LA release, this release was the plat premium experience compared to what blizzard put out. (one of the biggest and probably on of the most well-known gaming company in the world) I never thought i’d see the day where my time would be wasted as hard and players be disrespected as much as recently by Blizzard.

To put into context for everyone still bashing AGS every single time something happens, a maintenance that lasted 16 hours occurred, and we got compensation - waaaay above what you would have ever earned on that day you lost. Overwatch is literally unplayable for the last 2 days since launch and they just srhug and say they’ve been DDOSed- a game where you earn currency by playing daily- currency that allows you to get skins/emotes, etc.

We are crying about content cadence? How about Blizzard releasing a game that has been branded as a sequel, that is relatively the same game as before with 2 new maps and 3 new heroes?
~rant over~

This isn’t me bashing Blizzard, this is me appreciating AGS and Smilegate, thank you for this fantastic game, thank you for the content you put out and thank you for the compensation that you give us when we cry for it. These words may mean close to nothing to a lot of people, but this is a good game, and no matter how much we want to complain that the company isn’t “in tune” with the players, AGS’s/Smilegate’s seemingly bare minimum (from our POV) is 200 times better than other companies best.

I will continue to “grind”, i will continue to Lopang, i will continue to hone, why? Because you respect my time, the amount i “grind” is directly proportional to how far i get.

side rant, you need to play 8 months, doing weekly quests to earn enough coins for one Legendary Skin in OW2- fk blizzard.


You need 100 years to maximize your character as f2p in Lost Ark.

Obviously you didn’t play on launch. The disaster that AGS had with launch especially on EU is unparalleled. Servers were in queue for 10 hours+ for literally weeks and they opened EUW which is a dead region now with no transfers. Also, AGS is not small, their budget is $500M.
Do you see the marketing or the localization they made? do you even play the game?
Late May with 800K bots, players were not even be able to play because of bots filling the game and they were stuck in queues, and instead of solving the problem, they celebrated 800K players in a press conference.

Confirmed you don’t play the game. 2 Aura of resonance is good for one character, people have at least 6 characters and missed a gold island and raiding on day 1. And that wasn’t the only maintenance that month that long, there were 2 of them.

I played overwatch yesterday with 0 queue, and today 100 players in queue only. Do you watch Youtube vidoes and copy what they say or you actually tried to play it yourself?

in lost ark the content is already developed and tested, but it is dripfed, with zero marketing and low quality localization.

Of course, with their history track of maintenance handling, to bots and RMT in the game to their amazing support, they are indeed 200 times better.


You need to play 8 hours a day everyday to not fall behind in Lost Ark. You will never be able to cap your character as f2p ever. Most pay to win, most grindy game ever, especially our western version.


this is basically every cod game over the last few years and dare i say any sports game.

AGS and SG havent been the best but they could be worse, this recent roadmap is a great start i just hope everything goes smoothly with the upcoming updates