Thanks for fixing queues - Keep it up :)

Credit where credit is due.

For the first time since headstart, my friends and I were able to freely login and out today of the game, even while being on Kadan.

No matchmaking queues of any kind.

Thank you.


lol are you being ironic ? the ques are gone since they fucked everything up and refused to fix it so ppl stopped playing.

I agree! It’s been a very very easy day for matchmaking any instanced content. We’re on the right path!


Adding my voice to the mix. From what I’ve heard from multiple friends on different servers, there were no queues on even the biggest EU servers today. Thanks to the bot cleanse, most likely. Personally didn’t experience any issues with matchmaking, and that’s on a Saturday. :astonished: Definitely a step in the right direction and gives me more faith in the future of the game.

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yeah it feels great to be able to play the game normally finally.

but i still think a compensation would be nice even if its just 3 days of free aura on EUC

this is indeed a possibility, but all in one night? Unlikely, while I’m sure that a lot of people stopped playing because of the queues (amongst other things), attributing the actual overnight turn to 0 queues and no more matchmaking issues to genuine players just quitting, is also, unlikely.

The queues were not fixed, the initial amount of players simply dropped by enough (and enough went to EUW) so the queues dropped as well. However the matchmaking really got fixed after their last patch on friday, which is great news. Now you can finally use matchmaking the way it was pre-f2p launch.