Thanks for killing the SA region!

Without regional pricing we now have a situation where everything has an absurd price for us.

Just for Brazil, whenever you see a price, multiply it by 5, so yea we are paying 500 bucks for the US$ 99 pack.

This will ensure the region is undermonetized and in turn Amazon will not have incentives to keep the region alive.

Plus the region will not have a healthy economy, thanks to the fact there will be no rotation between premium currency and in the regular one.

With this, I see no reason to play on SA, specially for Brazilians, we won’t be getting the game translated not will our region spend money on the absurd prices of the cash shop

It was a good dream, but I guess now we have to wake up and play on NA


F, hopefully they change their stance

That’s really sad for all the SA region, we hava a huge community that is really hyped with the game, after see those prices, it’s a bomb in ours pockets… Lets play in NA :frowning:

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