Thanks for not listening to player feedback Amazon/Smilegate

You literally have a bunch of players that have been telling you to increase the honing rates and introduce more material sources, and you only give us part of the solution. Is it really hard to understand that they go hand in hand? A 10% honing chance at +14 to +15 is still 10%, it doesn’t matter how many mats you throw at it. If you have the same luck as before, it just gives you more attempts at getting yourself frustrated for failing the upgrade. Only giving us more materials without changing the rates literally feels like a gamble where you are constantly and trying out your luck more often


You do realize that at some point your honing rates will be 1% or less, right? Are you going to complain again that the honing rates needs to be buffed when you reach that part of the game?


1% is only for if you are trying to get to +20 and that isn’t necessary to do the hardest legion raids. The fact that you are comparing it to getting +15 which gives you access to argos is laughable


Are you trolling? You can’t be so delusional to think that your suggested solution is the solution.
1340-1370 progression is slow and there is no real content in between for players to discover. That’s the problem. There are many ways to solve this including introducing more honing mats. AGS has listened to our problem and implemented a solution they think is best. Why don’t you take it chill and wait to see if the new honing mats available thru event guardian and the tailoring books helps before you bash AGS for not implementing your idea.


sure, would you like a system where it’s 100% success rate but with 15x-20x the amount of required mats? cuz that’s about mathematically equivalent with artisans energy, off the top of my head

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Your maths are completely off. You wouldn’t need 15-20x materials if the rates are the higher, is probability value really hard for you to understand??

The honing chance on your ability to read needs to be buffed…cause right now its 0% reading ability.


so you’re just asking for less effort for more results, i see

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Dude, you cannot get everything you want. Be patient, and we must be thankful of what they give to us. BTW in MMOs upgrading and honing in any other games are always a gamble. we are lucky that when we fail we only lose materials and not downgraded or broken equipment. And its not that hard my main and 2 alts are in t3 with 1360, 1355 and 1340.

BE THANKFUL THEY ARE LISTENING AND FINDING A WAYS TO MAKE THINGS EASIER. Don’t be someone that they already give you the left hand and you still want to get the other hand.


The point isn’t using less mats to get to 1370. The point is taking less time to get to 1370. Right now with the amount of mats we get daily/weekly, you can expect about maybe 4 attempts per day, and maybe an extra 6-7 attempts from all your weeklies, say total of 35 attempts.

Now imagine AGS injecting more honing mats to weekly gains, and they bump it up to 12 attempts just from weekly mats, you’ll be up to 40 attempts a week. In the long term you’ll be honing more often, if you’re unlucky then you’ll hit artisan’s energy more often, therefore you’ll be getting gear gains more often.


People will literally complain about anything. Regardless of what their post said you would have rage posted.


How about this? They already identified the weak point of the game back in LoA and introduced the changes to fix the issue? So why are they not doing the changes here in NA? What’s your argument to that question instead of blah blah blah they are trying their best and you can’t get those changes, etc?


yes, but OP’s point is he wants to use less mats in even less time to get to ilvl 114514 so he can twiddle his thumb or idek what he wants to do in this game anymore


Legion Raid Min ILVL:

Valtan (normal) = 1415 (+15)
Vykas = 1430 (normal) (+16)
Kakul Saydon = 1475 (normal) (+19)

Unless Valtan is the hardest legion raid for you.


This is literally what you’re doing right now:

I’m hungry, I need food.
AGS hears you, provides you with some toast
You look at the toast, don’t even bother trying it, spit in AGS’ face, sht talk them, then tell them that only a 3 course meal with steak of the highest quality can feed you and solve your hunger issue.

Just let this topic rest, it’s not a good look what you’re trying to argue here.


As far as I know, honing is cheaper in our unbuffed version.

You get better chances but pay more gold, more silver, etc. in the buffed one.

Correct me if I’m wrong, tho. It’s what I’ve heard from the talk between Asmongold, Stoopz and Zeal.

So either way. Honing in T3 is gonna be hard. It supposed to be hard. We’re missing stuff and it seems they’ll adress this.

What bumms me more is how I’m hardstuck in T2 which feels unnecessary XD. But that’s me. :sweat_smile:

I hope they never increase the rates. Nothing will ever be good enough for people like OP. They want instant gratification


Don’t worry they are here just for the sake of complaining

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Yeah this guy will complain EVERY SINGLE TIME unless amazon do EXACTLY what he wants lmao.


no matter what these guy do no one is ever going to be happy… im very excited for the new update coming out so… i just dont understand anymore lmao never happy