Thanks for the effort but its not enought

Its sad that this gamingcompanys wont learn from other big gamereleases. Its like they want this to Happen to hype up the Game. Even bad advertising is advertising. The Internet is flooded with lost ark news. A lot Good but a lot Bad News as well. We live in the 21st Century but these Companys are to cheap to provide enougth servercapacitiy on release. Then they act suprised with the number of player want to play.
There are like 10+ Servers in eu with 10k+ Queues on peak. More than 100k ppl didnt even get to play yet because they get Home from
Work when the queue is already at 10k and they wont Even get into the Game befor they have to go to bed. Thats a lot of players youre going to loose if u dont get your shit together.