Thanks for the info

Resolved, thank you.

You’re wrong about this. It’s not raised to this amount. You gain the amount listed on the right.


That’s clear, because none of what you said was correct in any way.


This whole post is flat out wrong. The +# (stat) is hoe much you GAIN NOT how much that piece will HAVE


Ohhh, well to be fair, how was I to know that by looking? It certainly doesn’t say that, and appears to be showing what yourt stats will be at eachg level, not how much they’ll grow.

Just look at the stats of your items, they are different, end of story ahah

Another clueless kittysafe post.

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in the honing menu, in the middle part, you can click on the glass. will show you what bonuses your item already got and what it will be after you success the next honing.

Also, the simple fact the item gain 5 ilvl but 0 stats should show you that you probably missed a thing ^^’

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Ah I found it, thanks!