Thanks for the mats, but everything fails

There is not much to say. 15 attempts, only one successful.

Materials and gold went to waste.

Ty AGS :partying_face:

yep same! did a bit more and got 3

Nature of the game, get used to it.

No. Nobody is going to get used to this abysmal system without the buffs everyone else has on every other version of the game.

Stop saying trash like this. You sound deranged.

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are you guys going to complain when the honing rate are
1% also ?

if you’re never going to be happy about the mechanics in the game and how they work, then perhaps the game isnt for you, and thats okay. But they arent and shouldnt change how things work. If you dont like the honing system or think its too grindy, too hard then go play soemthing more casual. Nothing wrong with disliking a game but dont expect them to change things to make you happy.


Hear ye! Hear ye! All of you heathens, nonbelievers and corrupted souls

Pray to RNG Jesus and become a faithful servant today or suffer the consequences

Walk in the light and do not astray from the truth

Went from 1365 to 1370 thanks AGS

I take back this ignorant post I made. I could potentially be wrong. Apologies.