Thanks for Valtan Content

So we have 3 Normal and 1 Hard Mode Valtan Groups in my guild. As a leader its so damn nice to see everytime a group is running Valtan to have 40 people in the same discord channel cheering people up until the Raid is finished.

Big thanks. Good memories are being made.


How many of your guild members have RMT’d?

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Why does everyone assume you have to rmt to get to Val tan

good question.

Because you do to get to hard mode, or you need full alts with 24 hour 7 day a week play.

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appearently not. I guess you do play less efficent than many others.

yea progressing Valtan in a guild environment has to be one of the most fun experiences in a long time, I sadly cannot do that because I dont have an active guild or friends playing at that ilvl, but even pugging rly feels cool. the fight is rly fun to progress - Ill for sure look for an active group of likeminded people for the next legion raids!

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people actually believe valtan normal mode is connected to irl money? xD wowzerz… guess im a gigawhale then

no you literally do the opposite, you play less alts but invest more into one character and youll hit 1445 with ease lol - people dont understand that alts are an investment that doesnt pay off immediately

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1445 is legit easy without swiping and i only play 3 chars

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I mean you could just be lucky.

Hi I’m currently ilvl 1450 after not spending on anything other than ark pass which I used only on alts to get 3 chars to 1340 and 2 alts to 1370 and spend like less than 30 mins per char doing my daily chaos and guardians while funneling my mats to my main

It doesn’t take 5 billion hours daily to do this, the only real time sinks in this game are leveling from 1 to 50 or horizontal content, playing alts is literally just 10 mins of chaos and 10 mins of guardians

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Alts are all about timings. For example I have only 3x1340 alts and I managed to hit 1445 last Sunday. Unless you pushed alts really early on, it’s not worth it because it’s a big gold sink and takes months to pay off.

But the timing I hit helps me to not fall behind now because my alts are way behind my main. I’m already 1450 with full relic set of gear and HM cleared once. I’m never going to push alts with unbound leapstones, that’s the biggest mistake people make, imo.

Horizontal progression is also big, but people don’t understand that. Today I got 20k gold chest for 52 masterpieces. I did Velganos every single day since I hit 1385. Two more leapstones per day on average, but it adds up. Then I sold them all and bought Mari’s shop leapstones for half the price.

Being a Paladin helped a lot, I did P3 Argos at 1385 and I’ve been even getting paid to join raids as of late. I pushed all my armor pieces to +17 first, weapon was at +15. Then I left the weapon for last when the blue/red stone prices evened out. Instead of red being double or triple the cost, like it was when everyone upgraded, I paid +1 gold per 10x stones compared to blue. And I sold 1.5k blue stones daily.

And I was obviously fairly lucky with honing, with smart solar mats usage. But understanding when and how to spend instead of rage honing it all away is the best thing you can do.

yea I invested more into taking 2 of my alts to 1370 because at the time 1445 was just too expensive for me, so I now do have some rly decent gold generation but am sadly stuck in valtan normal mode :<