Thanksgiving Turkey Pack

  • New Arkesia’s Honor Skin Set
  • Arkesia Weapon Selection Chest
  • A Magic Bed Mount Selection Chest
  • Pheons x160
  • Crystals x1600
  • Magick Society Special Dye Chest x10
  • Legendary - Epic Card Pack x5
  • Legendary - Rare Card Pack x15
  • Any Card Pack x20
  • Menelik’s Tome x3
  • Creation Fragment x10
  • Healing Battle Item Chest x20
  • Offensive Battle Item Chest x20
  • Utility Battle Item Chest x20
  • Buff Battle Item Chest x20
  • Splendid Elemental HP Potion (Bound) x20
  • Splendid Panacea (Bound) x10
  • Splendid Clay Grenade (Bound) x10
  • Splendid Destruction Bomb (Bound) x10
  • Solar Grace (Bound) x50
  • Solar Blessing (Bound) x25
  • Solar Protection (Bound) x10
  • Honor Shard Pouch (L) x25
  • T3 Leapstone Selection Chest I x4
  • Ancient Platinum Coin x40
  • T3 Fusion Material Selection Chest I x2
  • Crystallized Destruction Stone Pouch x2
  • Crystallized Guardian Stone Pouch x6
  • [Daily] Una Instant Complete x10
  • [Weekly] Una’s Task +1 x2
  • [Daily] Una’s Task +1 x5
    = 9700 Royal crystals (Max. Purchase 3)

I’m going to buy this for crystals, pheons, card packs, and silvers. The other stuff is just nice to have as an extra for me, and probably just gonna sell the skin chests for the golds.

But is this really that bad for the value?

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If you like to buy random trash, with couple decent stuff in it… go for it.


Obviously those bundles are worth it.

Just make sure you pick the one you think youre gonna benefit from the most.

Im also thinking of getting the big one just for the pheons, blue crystals and the exclusive outfit. But still thinking about it.


If you’re inclined to spend cash on those three things, then it’s good value.

You are paying slightly less cash for the entire Thanksgiving Turkey package than you would by buying the 160 pheons, 1600 crystals, and cards from the store normally. So in that sense, if you want all of those things and are willing to pay nearly $100 US for them, you’re getting a slight discount and numerous bonus items for free.

Whether that amount of cash is worth spending on things like this at all is something you have to decide for yourself, but it sounds like you value the items that are in it enough that it is “worth it” compared to other purchase options in Lost Ark.


people over here thinking about spending hundreds

I’m over here thinking about quitting and selling gems for hundreds


W.e makes u happy

it worth probably 1.5x of that in $$ value. get it if you want it.

Someone in reddit already did the breakdown. You get 2x the value for your money if buy each of these items on its own. Big saving right there

Is the skin chest bound or roster

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its roster and tradeable

Black one is bound


All of White/Black Versions are tradable after 3 Days of trade restriction. Just same as other skin chests, you will be able to put these in roster storages after 3 days.

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Topic below guy writes its bound for him

was there any screenshot to prove it?

I opened it and it’s “bound” for 3 days as in the trade restriction. After that it looks like it can be put in roster storage like normal

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